A simple explanation based on Human Learning. No Programming Language understanding is needed.

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window.onload event is a very useful event when you are dealing with huge files like images, video etc. on the frontend.

It called when the entire page load including images, CSS, DOM etc.

window.onload = function(){
console.log("Application Loaded")

<video id="video"></video>
if(navigator && navigator.mediaDevices){
//Your browser is supporting camera API.
console.log("camera API is not supported by your browser")

Regular Function’s execution context is different so the behavior of “this ” depend upon how it called.

for example if a function fun1() is invoking normally then the value of this will point…

Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Machine Learning(ML)

Natural Language processing is one on the hottest area in this IT world.

The sentiment analysis on twitter messages are based on these four steps

opinion mining

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I am a web developer - both front end developer / designer and backend programmer and passionate about new technologies.

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